Meet Karen

Hitting 50 was bittersweet. I felt so fortunate to have made it that far without too many medical issues but I was also fearful; I was over half way through this life of mine and I couldn’t keeping saying ‘one day I’ll…’

Whatever it was I wanted to do, be or have I needed to get my head down and start doing it NOW.

Only of course I didn’t; life got in the way and my resolve faded. Then, just after I turned 55, I went along to the hospital for my annual Well Woman Check. It was just my regular annual check and I expected to breeze through.

‘You have osteopenia,’ said the doc.

He took my silence as a cue to continue. ‘It means that your bone density is below normal but not low enough to be classed as osteoporosis. The good news is that it can be reversed.’

I had one question: ‘How?’

He reached into his desk and handed me a small box. ‘Firstly, take these calcium and vitamin D supplements and then…’

He tore off a sheet of paper and wrote ‘The Plan’…

– Get enough calcium

– Eat lots and lots of fruit and vegetables

– Lift a few light weights

– Stay slim

He looked up. ‘Do you like to hike? Or jog?’

I was still in semi-shock that my body was starting to fail me. Me! The woman who thought she was invincible.

‘Yes, yes… I’ll try anything.’

He leaned towards me over his desk; ‘If you do these things now, you can make a real difference to your health for the rest of your life.’

Are YOU in the same boat as me? You’re hitting midlife or menopause, time is flying by and you want to squeeze the most from this precious life. You’ve suddenly realised that whatever plans you have for yourself and your health then you’d better get on with it! It really is absolutely essential that we put in the effort with our health and fitness now as this is the time when it can really start to deteriorate and the weight can really pile on.

Let’s do this together – join me on my quest for optimum health and fitness through running and hiking and a transition to a mainly plant based diet. I’ll be open and honest with you share everything I discover 🙂

LOVE to hear your thoughts! X