Five Things Friday: What Caught My Eye This Week

This book:

I’ve been eating a lot more plant-based meals recently and these two chaps from BOSH! first caught my eye with their food videos on Facebook. I had to have the book. I’m just starting to work through the recipes and so far they’re fab. I loved their Rogan Bosh! Curry and their Pesto Lasagne. Next up-Gooey Peanut Butter Jelly Brownies!

Buy it on Amazon here 🙂


These trainer tags:

I wore these on my last run and made a point of glancing down regularly to peek at these tags. I couldn’t see the wording of course but I already knew full well what it said and just the sight of them flashing in the sunshine was a real motivation boost. I knew they’d have a positive effect on me: I just adore quotes!

Buy them on Etsy here 🙂


This post: How it Feels to be 50 in 2018

Midlife Chic blogger Nikki Garnett has written a comprehensive post here covering many things that touch or affect us as we enter our 50s. “We need to show people that midlife is something to aspire to.”

Read the post here


This post: Deena Kastor: Letting Her Mind Run

Although this post has a running focus I particularly love it for Deena’s advice scattered through the article which we can apply to our whole life.

How about these?..

“How can I twist and manipulate my mind to get the best out of myself?”

“You can have a good cry, you can say, ‘This sucks,’ but how can you grow from it or make sure you can be stronger or wiser next time around? How will you climb out and build a better day tomorrow?”

“When I made taking care of myself and cultivating a positive mindset my priorities, I found that I could get a lot more out of myself.”

“Quality is the backbone of everything I’m doing—I’m putting in quality runs, I’m spending quality time with friends and family, I’m only taking on quality projects and things that feel enriching, I’m eating quality food and getting quality sleep.”

As the post says (quote): Deena wants other women to know that they too can crack open their physical and mental potential by choosing their perspective. And that running (especially when it’s hard) can be a powerful vehicle for realizing a life-changing mental shift.

You just have to let your mind run.

Read the post here


This post: The Declutter Your Space Challenge

It’s time to clear some space to breathe.

Spotting this post gave me the push I needed to do some long overdue deep decluttering in my home. Although I didn’t commit to the challenge fully (from the four steps below I did numbers 2 and 4 and that worked for me!)

  1. Commit to the challenge (#declutteredspace on Twitter), or wherever you’d like to publicly commit).
  2. Pick a space each week (your bedroom closet, the kitchen counter), and focus on clearing it out.
  3. Report to your peeps every Monday on how it went.
  4. Enjoy the hell out of your newly decluttered space. Breathe. Smile. Love.

I found the post to be spot on; I did feel lighter and less stressed as the declutter progressed, I did focus on reading the small numberof books I’d decided to hang on to after taking the rest to the charity shop and I did experience little rushes of joy…

And now I know where everything is.

Read the post here